Pixy Stix Lip Gloss



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Pixy Stix Lip Gloss

My daughter and I love lip gloss. DIY lip gloss (like our popular homemade tutorial here) is my favorite! It’s so soft and shiny, plus it is so nourishing. When you make a DIY lip gloss, the ingredients are super soothing. Today, however, we are showing you a way to add a tiny bit of tasty color to a DIY lip gloss. Your lips will look and feel fabulous! Ever heard of Pixy Stix candy? Oh good! We can’t wait to show you how to make a cute lip gloss colored and flavored with Pixy Stix….

DIY Pixy Stix lip gloss tutorial - an easy DIY lip gloss idea

For Pixy Stix Lip Gloss, you will need:

Watch how we make it!

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  1. Place about a tablespoon of Aquaphor into a small microwaveable bowl (depending on the size of your lip gloss tube)
  2. Microwave the Aquaphor in 30 second intervals, stirring in between, until it is a liquid. Careful! The container might get hot.
  3. Once the Aquaphor is melted, add 1-2 red Pixy Stix. We started with just 1 but added a bit more at the end. Customize your shade!
  4. Microwave the Aquaphor again for about 30 seconds so it returns to a very liquid form.
  5. Using a plastic pipet, transfer the melted Aquaphor to the lip gloss tube.
  6. Enjoy!

How to make lip gloss with Pixy Stix - an easy DIY lip gloss idea and tutorial.

Aquaphor is extremely moisturizing and is typically used to treat rough and itchy skin irritations. What will it do for your lips? It will make them look and feel fuller because it will plump them up with moisturize while eliminating dry skin! Plus, it’s shiny, which makes it perfect for a DIY lip gloss.

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