Shaving Cream Cupcakes



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Shaving Cream Cupcakes

This is SO FUN! I showed a sneak peek on Instagram (you can follow along with me here) of these incredibly cute cupcakes. Everybody knows that shaving cream is super fun for little kids to play with. The tactile engagement is both educational and developmentally appropriate for preschool aged kiddos. But, we wanted to put an extra special twist on our shaving cream play one day. Introducing: Shaving Cream Cupcakes! Get ready….. your little ones will flip when you make this with them!

 Shaving Cream Cupcakes. A super fun craft for kids!

If your kids are anything like you and enjoy baking, then this is the funnest activity that you can provide for them. It’s especially perfect for indoor type of days! With just 2 ingredients and some regular baking accessories that you most likely already have, your kids can create silly and sweet looking masterpieces.

Shaving Cream Cupcakes

For this kid friendly recipe, you will only need two ingredients:

Food coloring (I buy THESE because it gives lots of color options)
shaving cream (from the dollar store!)

To make it even more fun, I let the kids use some sprinkles I had on hand. If you don’t have any sprinkles on hand, just pick some up at the dollar store when you buy the shaving cream!

Shaving Cream Cupcakes

Put the shaving cream in separate bowls and drop in as much food coloring as you want to achieve your desired colors. We created a “cake batter” color that was light brown.

Next, you want to put the colored shaving cream into some frosting friendly squeeze bottles. I use THESE frosting bottles from a cupcake decorating set. That particular set has a variety of fun frosting tips that create different styles of frosting too! Since I’ve brought up dollar store supplies a couple of times already, you might want to check out the ketchup and mustard style plastic bottles that they have there (because they’d work perfectly too, just saying).

To get the colored shaving cream into the frosting bottles, I put the colored shaving cream into large plastic sealable plastic bag, cut off the tip, and piped the shaving cream into the bottles. This was something my kids were too young to do by themselves, so I was the “behind the scenes baker” that day.

Shaving Cream Cupcakes3

The kids used plastic spoons and spatulas to put the “cake batter” shaving cream into the cupcake holders. If you have silicon cupcake liners, those would be perfect! If you don’t just use a muffin tin! After that, they used the frosting bottles to frost their cupcakes. We made a variety of different frosting flavors (white, pink, and blue) and then we even made a dark brown syrup using a tiny frosting tip. So fun!

Shaving Cream Cupcakes. A super fun craft for kids!

Just like with any shaving cream activity, you’ll want to prepare a big place for your kids to create. It isn’t necessarily the cleanest craft in the world, but it’s important to let kids touch, explore, and learn with their hands! Just a tip: let them go shirtless or let them wear a funky old shirt for this activity. The food coloring will wash out of their clothes but it might stain their hands for the afternoon. If they did get any food coloring on their hands, it will begin to disappear the next day:)

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