Teach Your Child to Organize Puzzles



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Teach Your Child to Organize Puzzles

Teach Your Child to Organize Puzzles

Today I’m going to show you a simple DIY craft that can help teach your child to organize puzzles! If you are a regular reader of Smart School House (which I love you for!), then you know I am a mom of Irish Twin toddlers. Sometimes, it feels like I can spend my whole day organizing and putting away toys! Can you relate? So, I designed this easy (and pretty) way to help teach my toddlers how to organize their puzzles:
First, you need simple plastic strawberry baskets. I got mine from our weekend farmers market but I’ve seen them at the grocery store too. Next, take acrylic paint and put a coat or two of it on the strawberry baskets. I chose blue because it went well with my son’s Jake and the Neverland Pirate puzzle and pink for my daughter’s Minnie Mouse puzzle.
DIY Puzzle Organization
After that, you want to cut out the small version of the puzzle which you can find on the side of the puzzle box. I used scissors for that process:) You also want to cut out felt squares smaller than the pictures you cut out.
Puzzle Organization for Kids
Now you want to grab your glue gun and glue the small puzzle pictures to the outside strawberry baskets. The felt squares get glued on the inside of the basket and keep the puzzle picture on the front more secure.
Strawberry Baskets to Organize Puzzles
Finally, you need to find some colored pens or a markers (I used the pens I have from these Post-It Pinwheels). It is extremely important that you get pens or markers that match the colors you painted the strawberry baskets. In my case, I grabbed a blue and a pink pen. I separated the Minnie Mouse puzzle from the Jake and the Neverland Pirate puzzle. On the back of each piece in the Minnie Mouse puzzle, I drew a pink dot to match the pink basket (and the same thing with pieces for the blue basket).
Draw colored dots on puzzle pieces
This activity is best for children that already know their colors. If you need to teach your toddler their colors, try doing this fun and educational DIY craft! Show your child that the puzzle pieces with the blue dot get put away in the blue basket and the puzzle pieces with the pink dot get put in the pink basket.
Puzzles for kids
Repetition is always a wonderful thing when you are introducing a new concept, like categorizing colors. But after awhile, your child will get the hang of the organization concept! After all, puzzles are educational, but learning to clean your toys is a valuable concept for kids to understand too!
Teach Your Child to Organize Puzzles
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