Thanksgiving Color Sorting for Kids



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Thanksgiving Color Sorting for Kids

Today I made this Thanksgiving Color Sorting Activity for my Kids and they loved it! It is very simple to make and your kids will love you for it. Why? Because it involves candy…. ‘Tis the season!

Thanksgiving Color Sorting for Kids

Color sorting is a fun and educational activity for ages 2-8 (depending on the child). It is an activity that can be done alone if the child knows his or her colors. But, if you are teaching your child about colors, then this is a perfect activity to integrate into your Thanksgiving festivities.

Thanksgiving Color Sorting Activity for Kids

To get started, simply create a turkey feather stencil or download the turkey feather template HERE.

I traced the turkey feathers onto foam, but any thick card stock will do. I just happen to prefer craft foam, that’s all:)

What are those cute round Thanksgiving candies, you ask? Those are Sixlets! I bought them at the grocery store and their colors are perfect for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Color Sorting for Kids

Color sorting is a simple activity. Bigger kids will know exactly what to do because they’ve most likely done similar activities in school before. But, for the preschool aged children, simply show them how to place the candies on the correct colored turkey feather. Heads up: DON’T worry if younger kids aren’t matching their colors perfectly. That’s ok! It’s all part of the learning process. You can guide them, but you can’t make them understand this concept if they’re not ready. Nonetheless, they will have fun playing with the colors and the candies!

Do you have to use Sixlet candies? No! Be creative and use what you already have!

If your child is working on their fine motor skills, this is a wonderful activity to provide for them. The little round candies are tricky to pick up and tricky to place on the feathers. But, that’s what makes it fun! The brain of a child thrives with this type of concentration (plus is might buy you a few moments of quiet time, hehe!).

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Here is another great activity for practicing fine motor skills. Click HERE for the tutorial you see below:

Fine Motor Skill Practice for Kids

Happy Thanksgiving!

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