Monster Marshmallow Cupcakes



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Monster Marshmallow Cupcakes

My kids and I LOVE flipping through dessert cookbooks and baking together. It’s something we’ve been doing since they were old enough to stand in the kitchen with me! We recently got a brand new cookbook that is filled with extremely kid-friendly treats and we went to town creating these Monster Marshmallow Cupcakes today! These cupcakes were a wonderful afternoon project for us. It calmed my kids down and encouraged them to focus as their little hands put everything together. Your kids will love baking these!

How to make Monster Marshmallow Cupcakes. A Halloween dessert recipe idea that kids love.

Our inspiration for these Monster Marshmallow Cupcakes came from this book:

Kids’ Treats by Katie Wyllie
(available from Amazon or Barnes & Noble)

Kids' Treats by Katie Wyllie

Do you see those adorable marshmallow sheep cupcakes on the cover? Yup! That’s what my kids picked to make today!

Since Halloween is right around the corner, we decided to put a spooky twist on them. My kids are already SO excited for Halloween.

For these Monster Marshmallow Cupcakes, you will need:

  • Chocolate cupcake mix (or the homemade version found in this book)
  • White frosting (a buttercream recipe is also inside)
  • 2 Packages of Candy Eyes like these
  • Green Candy Melts (we got the vibrant green color seen here)
  • Green, purple, and black cupcake liners (here are the black baking cups we used)
  • 1 bag of Mini Marshmallows
  • Parchment or wax paper
  • A bowl and spoon for melting the candy melts

How to make Monster Marshmallow Cupcakes. A Halloween dessert recipe idea that kids love.


  1. Bake the chocolate cupcakes in the green cupcake liners according the homemade recipe in the Kids’ Treats book or according to the directions on the box.
  2. While the cupcakes are cooling, heat up 1/4 of the green candy melts bag (heating every 30 seconds and stirring)
  3. Dip the top half of the mini marshmallows into the melted green candy and top them with a candy eye. The candy melts will quickly harden, keeping the candy eyes in place.
  4. Set the marshmallows aside to dry on parchment or wax paper. It’s ok if your kids can’t get the marshmallows to stand up perfectly while they dry, they will still look great even if they dry on their side.
  5. While the spooky marshmallows are drying, frost the cupcakes.
  6. Layer the cupcakes in purple and black liners for a more festive look!
  7. Place the spooky marshmallows on top of the frosted cupcakes alternating with plain marshmallows (as pictured).

Monster Marshmallow Cupcake recipe for Halloween

How spooky, cool, and fun are these Monster Marshmallow Cupcakes?

If you and your little ones enjoy baking, check out the book Kids’ Treats and get inspired by all the cuteness inside! Next up? We are making frog Oreos and Cotton Candy Cone Sugar Cookies.

Happy Halloween and have fun baking with your kids!

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