You Can Pickle That?



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You Can Pickle THAT? You Can Pickle THAT? 13 foods we never knew could be pickled.

You Can Pickle That?

Hang with me here.
Happy canning season everyone! Before you gag (because I totally did too), just know that these recipes for how to pickle foods are totally legit! Some people actually LOVE these ideas. Who knew you could actually pickle eggs, avocados, cherries, or even watermelon rinds? These recipes for how to pickle various foods are definitely work a peek, whether you like pickles or not. Ok, well, if you don’t like pickles at all, then maybe don’t look. But, if you like a pickled version of anything then you just might like several of these great recipes! I’m not judging, I love learning about new things that are amazing.
To see each recipe for pickling, click the next and back arrows below.
Then, click the individual pictures to see the exact recipes. 

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