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Now that most kids are returning to school for the year, there are lots of things to look forward to. A regular routine is definitely one of them! Kids thrive on routine, and it actually helps them be successful in school. However, some days are harder than others. The Handle With Care Note for school might be helpful in communicating with parents or teachers. These school notes might help in various situations. Sometimes it doesn’t take much for students to feel “off” before school.

Handle with Care school note

Handle With Care Note

We’ve all had stressful mornings, evenings, and weekends. Kids definitely feel that stress and it’s a good idea to communicate with the child’s teacher if a student might require extra time, help, or patience. These notes are a sweet way to pass on the information so that teachers know. As a teacher, you can pass these out at Back to School Night, or have them available on your class website. For parents, simply drag these notes to your computer desktop, double click on the image then select File and print.

Handle with Care email note

Here is a different version of the Handle With Care Note with email directions. This option would be best for teachers to pass out to parents or guardians. For parents, consider attaching this note within the email so the teacher can read it as well. I wanted to provide options for both parents and teachers.
Handle with Care Text Note

Finally, this Handle With Care Note has a “Text Me Option”. Not all teachers hand out their phone numbers, but if you are a teacher who prefers a texting option, this is for you! Simply make sure that parents and guardians have your phone number handy throughout the year.

To print any of these notes, simply drag and drop one onto you onto your desktop. From there, double-click on the image on your desktop, then click File and Print.

Hope this helps! As a disclaimer, this is not intended for extreme cases or situations where doctors or public workers/officials should be in involved. This Handle With Care Note is for various non-emergency purposes.

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