Lalaloopsy Dance with Me Doll



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Lalaloopsy Dance with Me Doll

With the holidays approaching, my kiddos are already talking about what they plan to ask Santa for. I can’t blame them because Christmas is such an exciting holiday! I’ve noticed a lot of super fun commercials on television and a lot of new toys on the shelves at stores. There is just so much to choose from!

Today we were lucky and got to try out a toy that my daughter saw on TV and asked for. Like most 5 year olds, she loves Lalaloopsy! This year they have a special interactive Lalaloopsy Dance with me Doll that kids can play with at home. This toy has smart features that encourage kids to get up and move. I love that!

Lalaloopsy Dance with Me Doll

The box arrived at our house as a special delivery for Stella. You can imagine how eager she was for me to open it up. Well, how can I blame her? Anytime a box comes to the front door with my name on it I’m excited too!

She jumped up and down as I lifted the brightly colored Lalaloopsy Dance with Me Doll out of the box. “I’ve seen that Lalaloopsy doll before!!!! I know that one!!!! Can I play with it, can I play with it??!?!!” she asked.

(thank goodness it had some tester batteries and was easy to open because my 5 year old could hardly wait)

I added a couple of new batteries, including one in the magical bow clip and the Lalaloopsy doll explained what to do next. How is that for easy? Moms love toys that are easy to use, right?

By pressing the star button on the doll’s foot or spinning the matching magical bow clip that kids can wear, Peanut Big Top begins singing, dancing, and talking. Stella put the magical pink clip on, gave it a twist and the Lalaloopsy doll starting dancing with her. She mimicked Stella’s dance and then taught Stella how to do a new dance. Every once in awhile they played freeze dance. All kids love playing freeze dance (and I might or might not have been playing with them…..I like a challenge too!).

Lalaloopsy Dance with Me

To see a little more about the various play modes the interactive Lalaloopsy Dance with Me Doll is capable of, WATCH THIS VIDEO. So fun!

 My favorite part about was seeing the smile on my daughter’s face and watching her dance around. Any game that gets my kids moving earns major bonus points. Like most kids, my children have a lot of energy to get out each day! Stella was both focused and active while playing with her Lalaloopsy toy.

Lalaloopsy Dance with Me3

The giggles, the music, and the funny dance moves that my daughter enjoyed with her new Lalaloopsy Dance with Me interactive doll were so precious! If you have a daughter or a granddaughter like mine, she will adore this colorful new toy for the holidays or for her birthday. It’s simple to use and creates a lot of fun! Stella tends to always put on her tutu when she’s playing because I think she enjoys trying to match with her doll. I remember doing the same thing as a kid and it brings back so many great memories.

To learn more about the Lalaloopsy, follow them on
& the doll is available here on Amazon

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