DIY Foam Chains

DIY Foam Chains The kids and I had a little bit of fun today! We created a project with craft foam that can be used time and time again in the future. Do you remember making paper chains as a kid? This is the same idea! But, these foam chains are reusable and the chain […]

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Apple Juice Bottle Snow Globe

Apple Juice Bottle Snow Globe My daughter and I made a beautiful snow globe today out of a little apple juice bottle. It was such an easy project that Stella (3 years old) even made a YouTube video for you to watch! We used just one ingredient on the inside of the snow globe that […]

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Games for Toddlers: Free Flash Cards

Games for Toddlers: Free Flash Cards Written and photographed by Tori of Lil’ Mrs. Tori Hi Smart School House Readers!!

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Halloween Crafts and Recipes for Kids

Last week’s Whimsy Wednesday officially kicked off the Halloween craft and recipe season! I have gathered 40 of the BEST Halloween Crafts and Recipes for Kids! If you were featured, grab a fancy Featured Button HERE. Click on any picture below to be taken to the tutorial or recipe:

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Toddlers and Technology

Toddlers and Technology If you are a mom of a toddler, then you know that they are pretty much born understanding technology these days! Well, that statement might be slightly dramatic, but you know what I mean parents! From our cell phones to our desktop computers, toddlers are curious and want to learn. After all, […]

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Educational Crafts

Educational crafts are something I like to think that I specialize in here at Smart School House. Well, ok…. maybe I should put it this way: I love finding an excuse to make educational crafts (yeah, that’s more like it!). The cuter the better. If you are new here and don’t know much about me, […]

10 Crafts for Kids

10 Crafts for Kids Here at Smart School House, I love crafts for kids! Today I have 10 wonderful craft ideas that are great for kids of all ages. I found all of these ideas from the bloggers that linked up to Whimsy Wednesday last week. If you want to be featured, be sure to […]

Letter Recognition: Pre-K

Letter Recognition: Pre-K Today I’m sharing a creative DIY project to help teach your Pre-K child letter recognition! This activity focuses on matching uppercase and lower case letters. All you need are a few simple supplies that you most likely already own. Is your child older than Pre-K but still learning to recognize their letters? That’s ok! This activity can […]

Lollipop: A Cute Felt Craft Tutorial

Lollipop Everyone loves a lollipop! This felt craft is so quick and easy and the lollipop is so sweet (hehe!). These lollipops are a fun party decor prop and they also make a cute kids craft! I just love whipping together a fun felt craft. Here is the simple step-by-step tutorial on how to make a cute felt lollipop: You will […]

Teach Your Child to Organize Puzzles

Teach Your Child to Organize Puzzles Today I’m going to show you a simple DIY craft that can help teach your child to organize puzzles! If you are a regular reader of Smart School House (which I love you for!), then you know I am a mom of Irish Twin toddlers. Sometimes, it feels like […]

Birthday Ideas for a $5 Birthday Party

If you are looking for birthday ideas for an upcoming birthday party, then look no further! Thanks to this amazing $5 Birthday Bundle at Vons, you can create a picture perfect party that is quick and easy! I happen to have THREE birthdays to celebrate this May. My husband and my kids, Stella & Mitch, all […]

Sweet Popcorn

Sweet Popcorn Are you ever in the mood for sweet popcorn? Circus Animal Cookie Popcorn adds just the perfect amount of sweet to your popcorn (and it’s pretty too!). My children absolutely LOVE Circus Animal Cookie Popcorn because it’s such a fun treat. Popcorn is always a popular snack. Everybody loves popcorn! Don’t you? It […]

Teaching Children About Colors

When you are teaching children about colors, it is important to provide hands-on learning games and activities. These games are for children learning their colors and are perfect for 1 to 3 year olds. Even if your child has mastered his or her colors, I can promise you that he or she will enjoy categorizing and […]

Frosted Ice Cream

A Quick and Easy Dessert Idea: Frosted Ice Cream Do you love quick and easy dessert ideas? I do! Frosted Ice Cream is the picture perfect pink dessert. Made of strawberry ice cream and frosting. Would you like another Pretty Inspiration for dessert? Go see Brownie Buckets!

Brownie Buckets

Brownie Buckets- A Brownie Craft Idea Brownie Buckets are brownie crumbles planted inside small galvanized buckets topped with silk flowers. A pretty way to entertain with sweets.

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Lucky Fortune Cookies

Lucky Golden Fortune Cookies Lucky golden fortune cookies are a pretty way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! Fill them with rainbow candies and a custom message, and give them away as St. Patrick’s Day gifts!  

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Sparkly Bunny Push Pops

Sparkly Bunny Push Pops

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Disney Eggs

D.I.Y. Disney Decorated Eggs Create custom Disney Eggs for Easter using temporary tattoos! We are SUCH a Disney loving family and we hope every child will love a Disney inspired Easter! This project is easier that using the traditional egg coloring kids. Plus, the possibilities are endless! I can’t wait to teach you this Easter craft.

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