Fine Motor Practice with Kids Crafts



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Fine Motor Practice with Kids Crafts

If you have young children (toddlers and preschoolers), it’s important to provide opportunities for them to practice and develop their fine motor skills. Practicing fine motor skills means that children are exercising their small muscle movements in coordination with their eyes (like controlling small objects with their fingers). We recently had the opportunity to play with and explore the amazing craft supplies and kits offered by Pom Tree Kids. They have tons (and I mean TONS) of kids craft supplies that are perfect for your preschoolers! Your children most likely won’t be aware that they are developing their fine motor skills, but they will enjoy every  moment involved with creating their Pom Tree masterpiece! As you can see, Stella and I worked together to build this Sparkle Fun Playhouse and she is in LOVE with it!

Practicing Fine Motor Development through Kids Crafts #PomTreeKids

This Sparkle Fun Playhouse was so fun for Stella and I to make together while Mitch was napping! What I really love about Pom Tree Kids is that they provide parents with several fun ways to get involved with their child’s creativity and learning. Smart!

Unlike any other playhouse I’ve seen, this playhouse doesn’t involve any messy glue! Here are the easy peasy steps for assembling this colorful beauty:

Step 1: Remove the foam pieces, cardboard pieces, and stickers from the package.

Step 2: Assemble the outside structure of the house with the foam pieces using pictures that come with the kit (young kids will love your help with this part).

Step 3: Accessories the playhouse with stickers and sparkly accents!

I helped guide the process of building the house with Stella. It was such a fun mommy & me moment!! Playset structures fit together like puzzle pieces exercising problem-solving skills.

Stella got right to work accessorizing the outside and inside as you can see below:

Practicing Fine Motor Development through Kids Crafts #PomTreeKids

Wouldn’t your daughter love a playhouse like this? Who knew it was such an educational activity too?

Practicing Fine Motor Development through Kids Crafts #PomTreeKids

Once Mitch woke up from his nap, we let him get in on the fun too! We took out the Playscape Creativity Kits and got busy with the beads and pipe cleaners.

Practicing Fine Motor Development through Kids Crafts #PomTreeKids

As you can see above, Mitch was stringing beads along pipe cleaners. This is a particularly great activity for toddlers and preschoolers because the pipe cleaners allow the child to have a bit more control over the beads. However, beads are small and it takes a lot of concentration for younger children to work with them! I can promise that this is a fine motor craft activity that your kids will love! Mitch made string after string of colorful beads and was so proud of himself! Stella made herself a pretty bracelet. To make a bracelet, simply:

1. Tie a knot at the end of a pipe cleaner

2. Let your child string colorful beads along the pipe cleaner

3. Tie a knot at the other end of the pipe cleaner when your child is done

Practicing Fine Motor Development through Kids Crafts #PomTreeKids

Since we were having so much fun playing with our Pom Tree Kids craft kits, we decided to work on our pattern skills too! Using the foam stickers and the foam popsicle sticks (those are the greatest things ever), I demonstrated an A/B pattern for them. For example, I gave Mitch a red popsicle stick and showed him a pattern with two colors (white, blue, white, blue, white, blue). Then, Mitch practiced the pattern.

This is a common strategy that teachers use in school when they are teaching a brand new concept:

1. Model the pattern activity

2. Work on the pattern with them

3. Allow them to practice the pattern on their own

Practicing Fine Motor Development through Kids Crafts #PomTreeKids

Here’s a tip: the pattern that the child creates does not have to be perfect! Remember that learning at this age should be playful and shouldn’t cause frustration. If they become frustrated, simply let them create whatever they want with their craft supplies and try patterning another time. With craft supplies like these, your little ones are still creatively exercising their fine motor skills and that’s what is most important. Constructive play stimulates young minds and gives them a sense of accomplishment once they’ve mastered the project.

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  1. What great crafts. Best way for young children to develop good small muscle coordination, visual discrimination skills and following directions. They are colorful, fun and design for a young child’ s interest

  2. I love the playhouse….although I think my two and a half year old would love to play with any of them!

  3. I think my almost three year old would love to make bracelets! She is one who loves anything crafty. A glue stick, some paper pieces, and she is happy for an hour! My oldest would like the playhouse, she loves to use her imagination so that would make some great playtime for her.

  4. The playhouse looks so fun! Of course one of my daughter’s favorites has always been making bracelets so I know that is something she would really enjoy too 🙂