Apple Scented Homemade Bubble Bath

Apple Scented Homemade Bubble Bath

Fall is in the air! Don’t you love the smell of fall? Crisp air, colorful leaves, and APPLES! Today’s craft is adorably cute and will make your kids smile each time they choose to use it. Or, each time you decide to use it.
It’s inexpensive and incredibly simple to make <—- that’s how we roll.

Homemade Apple Scented Bubble Bath

For this homemade bubble bath, you will need:
(affiliate for convenience)

  • Dr. Bronner’s Unscented Baby-Mild Castile Soap found HERE
  • Vegetable Glycerine found HERE
  • Apple Fragrance Oil found HERE
  • Clear  container found HERE
  • Apple Bubble Bath free printable

Simply combine:

Mix it all together and you’re done! The castile soap is extremely gentle and the vegetable glycerine is an ingredient that is typically used in soap and hair products (it makes hair smooth and soft). It is important to purchase an apple fragrance oil that is safe for the skin. The one I use is also typically used for making soap and body care products.

To print this label, click the picture, drag the photo to your desktop, open the file (re-size if needed) and hit ‘file’ then ‘print’

Apple Bubble Bath

Enjoy your bath filled with apple scented bubbles! This would be an incredibly fun gift to give others! You can make a lot at once and wrap them all up in pretty bottles surrounded by silk leaves. How cute!

Homemade Apple Scented Bubble Bath


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  1. I am allergic to red 40. Does the apple scent have Red 40 or is it only red because you add red food coloring?

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