Baby Shadow Boxes

Easy DIY Shadow Box Ideas for Babies

After seeing several Easy DIY Shadow Box Ideas for Babies Pinterest, I was inspired to make a couple for my little ones. Stella is now 2 and Mitch is now 1.

Easy DIY Shadow Box Ideas for Babies






33 thoughts on “Baby Shadow Boxes

  1. We didn’t get one of those cute little newborn cards from our hospital… not cool! But these are so cute! Her little sun hat and his jacket are adorable. I need to do something like this for my little one 🙂

  2. Those are simply gorgeous, I’d never thought about doing this, I have a beautiful hand knitted outfit from my grandmother, that both my girls wore, I’d love to do something like this

  3. I have GOT to do this! I just ran across my almost-two-year-old son’s newborn onesie and I about lost it. I have a hard time getting rid of those teeny newborn things. This is the perfect idea to save what’s really special!

    1. Oooooohhh I know that feeling! I still get emotional when I look at the items in the shadow boxes. But, it’s so much more meaningful when they are displayed in the house. Please send a picture to me if you end up making one:)

  4. These are SOOOO adorable!!!! I must know where that bow is from in Stellas shadow box??? 🙂 I found you through Sugar and Dots blog!! 🙂

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