Birthday Baby Sugar Scrub



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Birthday Baby Sugar Scrub

Ok, I LOVE to make a fun sugar scrub! Birthday Baby Sugar Scrub is actually my 3rd baby inspired sugar scrubs. You see, it all started with Sugar Baby (you can see it here). Then, I made Sleepy Baby (you can see it here).
Today, I have a new baby to introduce!!
Birthday Baby Sugar Scrub! A DIY sugar scrub made with simple baby soft ingredients. click to continue

Kelly Dixon

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    1. How exciting!! Thank you for coming back here to let me know! You HAVE to try Candy Cane baby next (I’m currently obsessed with it). More easy and wonderful scrubs to come friend!

  1. What a great idea and so fitting for me, given that my little one is due any day now. It’ll be a while before I’m using any bodycare products on baby, but I’ll use the baby lotion and oil I have on hand to make a scrub for me. Good to know that it’ll be safe around baby, since it doesn’t contain anything that baby could potentially have a negative reaction to from skin to skin contact with me.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is a great idea Kelly! I don’t have a baby but I want to make a batch for myself. Not weird right?