Burlap & Lace Turkey Feather Headband

What You’ll Need and How to Make a Cute Burlap & Lace Turkey Feather Headband:

21 thoughts on “Burlap & Lace Turkey Feather Headband

  1. This is so stinkin cute! My girls NEED these. And I agree with 4 You With Love: it’s a great spin on a classic!

  2. Wow! My two favorite thing turned into something so dang adorable!! I dont have girls but I will be making this one for my niece for sure! Great idea! Love your blog:)

    Brittny @ deerlybeelovedcreations.com

  3. So cute I can’t stand it! Sometimes I wish a had a girl ; ) I know I could do the boys version but it wouldn’t be so darn cute! Thanks for sharing

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