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Use ribbon to decorate cupboards and cabinets in your home! Today I’ll show you how we created this festive look in our house for Christmas, Thanksgiving, even Halloween.

3 Easy ways to decorate with ribbon. Reuse ribbon on cupboards and switch up the patterns throughout the holidays. Inexpensive and ADORABLE!

Decorating Cabinet Doors with Ribbon

For this project you will need 2-3 varieties of ribbon at least 3 inches wide. I walked up and down the ribbon isles at my local craft store. I found two ribbon styles that could work for both Thanksgiving/fall and Halloween (the burlap ribbon as seen in the photos). The third ribbon I picked is the plaid Christmas ribbon. Next, you’ll want to purchase coordinating ribbon to make large bows OR, if you’re like me, find matching pre-made bows at the craft store. If you can’t find any, most stores will make you some bows with your ribbon of choice. Luckily, I found matching burlap bows to go with each holiday.

Next, you’ll need to find some “pick” style embellishments. These are usually used for making wreaths, centerpieces, garlands, etc. They are festive embellishments that you can easily stick into a wreath form or greenery. I chose some for Halloween and some for Thanksgivng.

Watch my quick DIY video for how to decorate cabinet doors with ribbon:

First up, here’s how I decorated our cupboards for Halloween.

3 Easy ways to decorate with ribbon. Inexpensive and ADORABLE Halloween decor!

Measure the length of your cupboard and attach the ribbon to the back using double-sided tape, upside down hooks, or push pins. Get creative with what you already have!

3 Easy ways to decorate with ribbon

Make sure the ribbon in the front of the cupboard is tight. If it’s too droopy, the rest of the decorations you add will droop as well.

Next, I attached the big bows with some thin wire. After that I stuck the Halloween pick embellishments on top of each bow. ADORABLE!

For Thanksgiving, all you need to do is remove the Halloween picks and replace them with fall picks, like these:

3 Easy ways to decorate with ribbon. Inexpensive and ADORABLE Thanksgiving decor!

Now it’s time for Christmas! This time I removed the burlap ribbon and replaced it with a pretty plaid ribbon that matched well with the burlap bows. Since this pretty ribbon already screams Christmas, all I did was add the burlap bows again and I was done!

 3 Easy ways to decorate with ribbon. Inexpensive and ADORABLE Christmas decor!

If you have young children around the house, consider decorating just your upper cabinets:)

Isn’t that easy and fun? Send me pictures on Facebook of what your holiday cupboards look like. I’d love to see them!

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