22 thoughts on “DIY Peppermint Milk Bath

  1. as usual what a great idea, I need to give some friends a little something when they come over for tea next week ! thank you…just one question..does the tea dissolve? or does it linger on the tub…sorry if it’s a silly question…xo

  2. What do you know, I picked your two posts from Miss Information’s link party… Lol. I love this idea! I bet it be great for pregnant friends 🙂 I’m pinning it!
    Grace @ Craftadon.com

  3. I’m also wondering about the tea leaves and if they dissolve. Otherwise, you’d have tea leaves stuck to you skin in the bath! 🙂

    1. Hi Onemoremile28:)

      You can use however much you’d like! You can sprinkle just a little bit in, or split it up into 4 baths. It’s totally up to you! It’s also fun to use as a foot soak:) But, as with all milk baths, you’ll want to rise your skin afterwards. Have fun! Bathing in milk has been known as a “beauty treatment” for many, many years.

      Take care and thanks for stopping by,
      Kelly from Smart! School {House}

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