DIY Souvenirs from Italy



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DIY Souvenirs from Italy

We recently went on a Mediterranean cruise and got to visit a few places in Italy. We also visited Spain, a small territory of Great Britain, and even France. But, there was this tiny place in Italy that was my very very favorite. Instead of buying knick-knacks while we were there, I decided to do something a little more meaningful to remember our day. In addition to taking lots of pictures and eating as much food as I possibly could in that small town of Cinque Terre, I made a some DIY souvenirs from Italy with the belongings that were already in my possession! These shadowbox frames look cute in our house and, best of all, they are more valuable to me than a t-shirt or something from a regular souvenir store. Show your kids how to do this and let them decide what kind of souvenir they will make for themselves after your amazing trip!

DIY Souvenirs from Italy

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