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I first did this a years ago (just before I started this blog) when my children were really young. My husband and I created a magical Easter Bunny Footprint Trail around the sidewalks of our house and sprinkled Easter eggs around it. It was SO FUN! I can’t wait to show you how simple it was to pull off:) Kids of all ages will appreciate this special touch on Easter.

Easter Bunny Trail - using flour and and an aluminum pan!

Easter Bunny Trail

If we asked our kids to hop like a bunny, they would hop with both feet together (as most kids would). So, we wanted to make sure that the trail made it look like the Easter Bunny hopped around the way they imagined he would- with both paws together!

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Easter Bunny Trail - using flour and and an aluminum pan!

Our kids were really young (one was still crawling), so we made the Easter egg hunt pretty easy for them. If your kids are older, make the bunny trail but make the Easter egg hunt a bit more challenging! When you are done, simply use a broom to sweep away the paws or wash away the bunny paws with a hose and water.

Easter Bunny Footprint Trail - using flour and and an aluminum pan!

I used an aluminum baking pan and scissors to create the bunny prints. That way, the extra flour stays in the pan. If you don’t have one of those aluminum pans right now, consider using anything you do have! A paper plate will work well, construction paper could work too. Or, consider using sidewalk chalk and simply drawing the paws on. However you do this, your kids will be SO surprised and happy:)

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Easter Bunny Trail

Make an Easter bunny trail using flour and an aluminum pan!


  • Scissors
  • Aluminum baking pan
  • Flour – or any white powder you prefer!


  • Cut out two “bunny-like” shaped paws in the aluminum baking pan. The pan should be big enough to put two paws together.
  • Place the pan on the sidewalk and sprinkle the flour in the pan
  • Lift the pan up and two white bunny paws will be left behind
  • The extra flour will stay nice and neat in the pan

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  1. Love this! I’ve been doing this since my first was born, but I would use chalk…this is so much easier! AND, it won’t be 2 months until the bunny paw prints go away! 🙂 I’ll be doing it this way this year!