Exploding Rainbow

Exploding Rainbow

Are you stuck inside with your kids lately? Is the weather outside preventing everyone from frolicking outside in the warmth of the sun? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Winter can be hard for moms and kids alike which is why I’m excited to share a very fun indoor activity with you! The best way to prevent your kiddos from going nuts in the house is to plan activities as often as possible. Kid friendly crafts and activities don’t have to be expensive though! Today’s Exploding Rainbow “experiment”, we’ll call it, uses ingredients that you most likely have in your kitchen already. If the sun isn’t shining outside, we might as well create rainbows inside! Chances are, you might have done this experiment at school when you were a student. If not, it’s so easy! Kids love to make explosions or watch things react to form bubbles. While this rainbow doesn’t explode everywhere (that just isn’t necessary, right moms?), it will definitely erupt and bubble over each container.

To view my entire tutorial, find me sharing the details over on SheKnows by CLICKING HERE or clicking the photo below:

How to make an exploding rainbow. A science fair idea or easy science activity for kids



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