Font Download: Frames



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Font Download: Frames

I LOVE to download fonts! I also love using frames on my blog.
Check out how I used one of these frames for my Frosted Ice Cream Post.
Here you can see how I used one of these free font frames on my Brownie Buckets Post.
I especially love the banner I got for free that you can see every week HERE and HERE.
All of these frames come in the form of a font download and they are designed by
Kimberly Geswein.
The Best Free Frames (font download)

There are two sets of fonts to download in order to get ALL of these frames

(how exciting!)
The first one is: KG Flavor and Frames
You will also want to download: KG Flavor and Frames Two
If you are a lover of fonts, then don’t miss out on (click the title above the image:) XO
The Best Free Frames vol 2
The Best New Fonts
Best New Fonts VOL3

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    1. Hi Lorena! What program are you using the frames in? The are technically just letters (each letter is a different frame), so you could change them just like you would change the color of text. Does that help at all? XO

  1. Hi, I just downloaded your font frames and am excited to use them but I can’t figure out how! I moved them into my fonts folder, and they show up in my list of available fonts but then I type and all the different frames come typed out. Was I supposed to put it in a different folder? Thanks for your help!