Froot Loops Lip Polish



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Froot Loops Lip Polish

GAHHH! I’m seriously so excited to share this lip polish recipe with you! It’s brand new and unlike any other sugar scrub I’ve made in the past. If you happen to know me, don’t be surprised if you receive this Foot Loops Lip Polish as a gift sometime soon (because it has perfect handmade gift written all over it!). This tutorial is so simple, the ingredients are extremely affordable, and I have some free printable labels for you too.

Froot Loops Lip Polish

For this lip polish recipe you will need:

Froot Loops Lip Polish

Combine 1 cup of sugar with 3 tablespoons of shea butter.
I warmed up the shea butter in the microwave until it was soft and easy to mix.

Add no more than 1/2 teaspoon of the skin safe Froot Loops fragrance oil to you mixture.
Start by adding less and customize it to be as fragrant as you desire!

Separate the scrub into separate bowls and add 1 tiny drop of food coloring to each different bowl.
Make as many colors as you want! This part is optional, of course. It will not stain your lips:)

Print these labels onto sticky paper or use some double sided tape to attach them to the containers:
(drag and drop them onto your desktop)

Froot Loops Lip Polish Labels

Give them as gifts or keep them for yourself!

When you are washing your face, simply grab a small amount of the Froot Loops Lip Polish and exfoliate your lips just like you would your face. The shea butter is very moisturizing and conditioning. The sugar does all of the exfoliating work:) The Froot Loops fragrance makes the experience FUN!

Exfoliating your lips is an important beauty trick that often gets over looked (says the former M•A•C girl!). When you eliminate the dry skin from your lips, they are more supple and soft. Plus, freshly exfoliated lips will hold lip color longer. The lipstick you use will be more true to the shade it is intended to be and your lips will love you for it!

Just remember: even though this lip polish smells completely edible, you don’t actually want to go and eat it! Simply scrub and wash off. You’ll be amazed at how much better your lips feel! You can gently exfoliate your lips everyday as part of your beauty routine.

Froot Loops Lip Polish

Don’t you think these would make an adorably cute gift? How about a fun beauty craft for a girl’s party? The options are endless and the recipe is fool proof. Gotta love that!

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