Genius Hacks for Kids

I just tell you what! These 8 genius life hacks for kids will change your life! Ok, that’s slightly dramatic, but these ideas are priceless! They definitely make you stop and think, “WHY didn’t I think of this myself?” Don’t you love moments like that? And let’s face it, taking care of kids is hard enough as it is, so we can certainly use as many genius life hack tips as possible. From teaching your kids how to put their shoes on the right feet, to making water balloons in a breeze, you MUST check out all 8 ideas! The baby shower cap is actually for sale, but it’s like $2. Where was this when I was bathing my infants? Didn’t that same thought cross your mind? So, tell me, which of these life hacks is your favorite?

Genius Hacks for Kids

9 thoughts on “Genius Hacks for Kids

  1. Love the cupcake liner to catch drips!! It will save me some laundry!! Also, the cup magnets are genius. My little ones can not reach into my cup cabinet (in some ways that is a good thing!!). Thanks!

  2. The laundry pin spring chopstick idea and the magnetic cup idea seem to present dangerous choking hazards with possibly disastrous gastrointestinal effects.

    1. Right! So, the smart decision for the adult in charge of the child would be to not present those particular options to kids/babies that are still putting objects in their mouths. However, if a parent likes the idea, maybe they can save it for later for when their kids are developmentally and physically ready. In the meantime, it’s fun to learn about tips that have worked for others!

    2. If you look around the house, everything would be dangerous for little kids. The kids who were get hurt from the product, is because their carefulless parents, not product itself. Stop blam the product or manufacture. It’s your fault didn’t watch your kids.

  3. I just laughed out loud to the clothes peg pin on the chopsticks. It’s soooo me. I’m terrible with chopsticks, and it’s not like I haven’t tried oh so many times to get the hang of it.

    So embarrassing when I’m dining in a Chinese restaurant and I have to ask for cutlery!! 😆 Will definitely be trying that one for the big kid in me!

  4. The shower cap idea would be perfect for my girls! The scream every time I go to pour water on their head because the dont like water in their face or ears! Pure genius!

  5. Genius! I love all your ideas and wish I thought up a lot of them myself sooner lol it would of saved lots of arguments between my 17yo and I. However I still have a 8yo and a 4yo to instill these great little quirks into. Thanks for sharing I love them….great mind!

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