Goldfish Summer Gift Holder

Goldfish Summer Gift Holder and Giveaway!

Goldfish® crackers remind me of such wonderful childhood memories. We always had them around! The taste brings back visions of my stress free, fun loving, warm and sunny days of the past. Today’s craft embraces the happiness that comes along with what we all feel when we munch on Goldfish crackers. With summer just around the corner, my kids and I grabbed some craft foam, some Goldfish crackers, and calmly worked around the table on these adorable Summer Gift Holders. They are perfect for the end of the school year! Plus, I have a $100 Visa giveaway for one lucky Goldfish cracker lover!

Summer Tans and Goldfish in my Hands. A Goldfish gift holder and free printable. I love this easy DIY summer gift idea!

We decided to join in on the fun and create something that shares how much we love the cheddar crackers through words and an easy to make sun shaped cracker holder. Want to see what we did to help inspire your entry in the Goldfish Tales giveaway?

You will need:

  • Orange sheets of craft foam
  • A plastic sandwich baggie
  • Scissors
  • 2 circle stencils to trace. One big and one slightly smaller (tracing around cups work great for this!)
  •  Goldfish cheddar crackers
  • Your free “Summer Tans & Goldfish in my Hands” printable (seen below)
  • White glue (or glue gun for moms & dads)
  • Hole punch
  • String

Summer Tans and Goldfish in my Hands. A Goldfish gift holder and free printable. I love this easy DIY summer gift idea!

To assemble your Goldfish gift holder:

  1. Trace 2 large circles in the orange craft foam and cut them out. This is your base.
  2. Trace a smaller circle on one of your large orange circles.
  3. Cut out the small circle that you just traced on the large circle, creating and empty space in the middle (mom or dad can use an X-Acto knife to start the initial cut). This is your border.
  4. Cut out 8 small sun rays in the orange craft foam.
  5. Place a small handful of Goldfish crackers on the base circle.
  6. Place a plastic baggie over the Goldfish crackers and attach it with hot glue. Hot glue works the fastest!
  7. Cut the extra edges of the baggie off around the base.
  8. Glue the sun rays on the very outer edge of the base (see in the photos above).
  9. Glue the border on top.
  10. Punch a hole in the “Summer tans & Goldfish in my hands” printable and tie it on with some string.

To get your free printable, click the image below. Then, click on the printer button seen at the top of the next screen:

Summer Tans and Goldfish in my Hands free printable

Isn’t this fun? Goldfish crackers are an easy snack that always puts a smile on my kids’ face. I love how this Goldfish Summer Gift Holder adds an extra special twist to carrying one of our favorite snacks around. It is so fun to celebrate summer and spend fun time with my kids!

Summer Tans and Goldfish in my Hands. A Goldfish gift holder and free printable. I love this easy DIY summer gift idea!

What are you going to make for your entry on Goldfish Tales? After you submit your tale, be sure to share it with me! I’d love to see what you come up with!

Are your ready for my $100 Visa gift card giveaway? To enter for a chance to win, leave a comment in the comments section below and tell me:

“Why do Goldfish crackers make your family smile?”

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The Official Rules are available here.

This sweepstakes runs from 5/14/15 – 6/11/15.

180 thoughts on “Goldfish Summer Gift Holder

  1. Goldfish crackers make my family smile because we love their taste and they make a great school snack for my kids.

  2. Goldfish crackers are awesome because they taste great and they come in so many different flavors.. both kids and adults eat them up!

  3. What a cute craft idea, Kelly! My boys and I love Goldfish crackers. When we have them as a snack for lunch, the boys smile from ear to ear when we pretend the Goldfish are swimming to their mouths. “Here comes the fishy….”

  4. Goldfish crackers make our family smile because they are super cute and really yummy.

  5. Goldfish crackers make my family smile because of the cute fish faces, and that we are always excited when we get to eat these delicious snack crackers! We could eat them every day!

  6. Goldfish crackers make my family smile because it reminds me of going to the park in a stroller with my mom when I was little. I always had a bag of Goldfish in my hand!

  7. The goldfish make us smile because you can make designs with them on your high chair!

  8. My kids love the variety. I usually dump a few flavors into a container before we go to the park and they love trying to figure out which flavors they have


  9. Goldfish crackers make my family smile because we love the rich, cheddar taste 🙂

  10. Goldfish are one of my grandsons favorite snacks, he loves to take them to the park. He gets excited to see what variety/flavor Grandma brings home.

    cshell090869 at aol dot com

  11. Goldfish crackers make my family smile because of the fun shape and great taste.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  12. goldfish make my family smile because of their fun shape and small size!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 AT gmail DOT com

  13. They make my family smile cause they are so cute and my children pretend play with them.. They are like the only food I can say my kids plays with and also they bring me back memories of eating them when i was a teen .

  14. They are such an adorable and great-tasting snack! Always sure to put a smile on our face!!

  15. My family love goldfish and they make us smile because they are good and so cute!

  16. Goldfish crackers make my daughter and me smile because they are so yummy! I always keep some in the car for an easy snack while we are on the go!

  17. Goldfish crackers make my family smile because they are so tasty and everyone in my family enjoys them. Thanks so much.

  18. Goldfish crackers make us smile because they are adorable and fun plus delicious.

  19. Goldfish crackers make my family smile because they are fun to look at, and they taste great!

  20. My daughter just finished her first year living away at college. One of the things that she loved getting in care packages are goldfish cracker. She still loves them for snacking and it makes me think of the days when she was a little girl.

  21. It’s a fun easy snack that we can eat on the good. My kids like pretending their real fish.

  22. We eat goldfish on a road trip whenever we saw an out of state license plate! This game makes us smile!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  23. THey make my family smile because they taste yummy and they are pretty darn cute!

  24. Goldfish crackers make us smile because they are such a fun treat! And they come in SO MANY flavors that every moment we share them together is new and special 🙂

  25. goldfish crackers make my family smile because they are so tasty. my son especially loves them

  26. Goldfish crackers make my family smile, because my kids always get a kick out of them when snacking on them, they play with them.

  27. I smile when thinking about how much my daughter loved them when she was little. She’s 29 now and STILL loves them!

  28. My family love Goldfish Crackers because they are so good and they make a great game night snack!

  29. I love watching my kids eat Goldfish crackers, it always puts a smile on their faces. We’ve used them as part of decorating cupcakes for birthday parties.

  30. My son loves cheese and he loves crackers, so goldfish are a win win for him!

  31. My family loves munching on Goldfish crackers while we enjoy family movie night. The huge variety of flavors makes us all smile!

  32. Gold Fish Crackers make me smile because they remind me of a road trip we took to South Carolina. Me , my husband and 7 kids. It was crazy but we had a blast. We packed a lot of snacks and Gold Fish Crackers were with us too.

  33. Goldfish crackers is one of the few foods my son will eat. I have always found them to be light and tasty.


  35. Goldfish make use smile because they are cute and taste good.

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  36. I think they make my kids smile and laugh because when they eat the head or tail they go crazy laughing and giggling

  37. Goldfish crackers make my family smile because we love their taste and they make a great snacks for my children.

  38. They make me smile mostly because they are cute and crunch and reminds me of when they’d win a gold fish @ a county fair

  39. Goldfish make us smile because they’re adorable and tasty and so easy to take along everywhere. We gave out the little packs for goldfish one year at Halloween and kids of all ages were thrilled to get them!

  40. They make us smile because they’re so tasty, and portable, and they’re a bright, cheery color!

  41. Because we constantly call them “the snack that smiles back.” It makes us laugh every time. LOL

  42. What a cute idea! They make us smile because they’re fun to play with before you eat them.

  43. They make me smile because my son loves them. When he is in the shopping cart, he will lean over to grab a bag of Goldfish as we go down the aisle!


  45. They make us smile because it’s one of the VERY few things everyone in the family will eat!

  46. Goldfish crackers make my family smile because they are crunchy, delicious, and easy for little ones to eat.

  47. The goldfish is so cute and of course tastes so great how could you not smile

  48. Goldfish crackers were not around when I was growing up and I haven’t found any that I like.
    Thanks for the contest.

  49. My daughter has so much fun spelling out letters with her goldfish and then eating them

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  50. Goldfish crackers make me smile as we usually have them on our boat, as they don’t make a mess, and they are easy to pack.

  51. Goldfish crackers always make my grandchildren smile. They are cute and taste great. Thanks!

  52. My boys love Goldfish because of the big variety of flavors that all taste delicious!

  53. Goldfish crackers are often my boys’ after game snacks. So they love eating their goldfish on the way home and discussing the games. It always brings lots of smiles and laughs.

  54. Goldfish crackers make my family smile because they are the one snack that everybody in the house loves. Plus, our cats like to bat them around the kitchen floor and chase after them.

  55. Goldfish make my family smile, they keep my kids happy on a road trip mile after mile! Yummy, tasty and bright yellow, guaranteed to make your family happy and mellow!

  56. They are king in our house. We reward the kids with them when they get their chores done and everyone smiles

  57. Goldfish crackers make me smile and remind me of summer! We always take them to the pool!

  58. we each have a gold fish and pretend they are chatting with each other its silly fun

  59. #SweepstakesEntry

    Goldfish crackers make us smile because they are an easy_to_carry, crunchy, fun snack!

  60. My son loves Goldfish crackers, they always make him smile because they are easy for him to take with him where ever he goes.

  61. We love Goldfish crackers because cheese in a snack makes us want to eat more.

  62. Goldfish crackers are the BEST when it comes to convenience, taste ,flavor, non messy, easy to eat, inexpensive snack and soup cracker, kids and adults LOVE these because it’s so delicious and nutritiously addictive, low in calories, simply put AWESOME!!!

  63. Goldfish crackers make my family smile because they are so cute. Plus the cute little fishies are smiling and I think their smiles tend to be contagious. My boys smile ear to ear when I give them Goldfish crackers.

  64. We love them because they are so easy to take on trips (and they are delicious!).

  65. Goldfish crackers make my family smile as these have been a favorite snack through the last two generations and bring back many memories of happier times.

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