Grab ‘n Go S’mores



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Grab ‘n Go S’mores

This post contains affiliate links

Warm spring and summer nights are perfect for roasting marshmallows and creating the perfect s’mores layered on a skewer over an open fire. Ahhhhhh, I can smell the irresistible scent of a melted marshmallow right now! Whether you’re camping, having a bonfire at the beach, or just hanging out in your backyard, everybody loves making s’mores, right?

Today’s activity goes out to all of the s’more lovers, especially the little ones! If holding something over an open fire isn’t something your little one can do, don’t worry! My kids can’t quite do that yet either. But, we don’t need to leave them out of the fun! The best part is that, with these Grab ‘n Go S’mores, kids (or adults) can enjoy the yumminess of a s’more any time of day:

Grab 'n Go S'mores. Enjoy the yumminess of a s'more anytime of day!

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