Homemade Christmas Ornament



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Homemade Christmas Ornament

Written and Photographed by Meredith of Wait ‘Til Your Father Gets Home

This holiday season I’ve been super busy creating and crafting with my kids. It’s so fun that they’re getting old enough to actually help and make their own little crafts and ornaments. In our house we’ve got two trees. The downstairs tree is color coordinated and full of glass bulbs and floral stems for that extra pop of color. While it is beautiful, my favorite tree is our upstairs tree. It’s full of all our kid made creations and the ornaments they receive each year from grandparents and Santa. These curled paper ornaments honestly could go on either of my trees because of the colors I chose, and they are an ornament that an older child could definitely help out with this year!

Homemade Christmas Ornament

To make a curled paper bulb ornament, you’ll need:

pretty Christmas-y scrapbook paper
clear plastic bulbs
coordinating ribbon
optional: white vinyl cutouts {made using my Cricut Explore}

DIY Paper Ornament

Now, if you can curl a ribbon, you can curl paper. First, cut your paper into small, long strips. If you feel your kids shouldn’t be doing the curling part, then you handle that for them and let them poke the curled ribbons through the open part of the bulb. I put the curled paper in the bulb as I worked so I didn’t waste time curling too many strips.

It didn’t take too many for it to look full. Once the bulb was nice and full, I added a cute snowflake cutout and the year in white vinyl {this is totally optional, but I LOVE how it turned out with the addition}.

And there you have it, a beautiful, handmade ornament to enjoy year after year with your family!

Homemade Christmas Ornament

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