Homemade Jello Snack Cups

Homemade Jello Snack Cups

A former room mom came up with the smartest idea that I just had to share with you! Just like her boys, my kids LOVE Jello snack cups. However, they come in small packs of 4 and cost about 2 dollars (or around 50 cents per cup). It doesn’t seem like much until your kids devour them in a couple of days. Then it really ads up! Today we made 30 Jello Snack Cups for a total of $5.00! I’ll show you the small disposable containers we used and where to get them. My kids can now pick different flavors and help me make them at home! All 30 of these took about 20 minutes to make. That’s it!

Homemade JELLO SNACK CUPS - make 30 Jello snack cups for 5 dollars in just about 20 minutes! So much SMARTER than buying the regular packs in the store.

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