DIY Lavender Bubbles

DIY Lavender Bubbles

Did you know that you can make your very own bubbles? Today I have a beautiful craft to share with you and your kids will love it too. That’s right, it’s beautiful and kids will love it. Introducing: DIY Lavender Bubbles! I know it might not be bubble blowing season where you live, but knowing how to make bubbles is something that is sure to impress your kids.

How to make bubbles! A fun lavender bubble tutorial

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14 thoughts on “DIY Lavender Bubbles

  1. How do you make that sugar scrub? It looks interesting to make. Can you email me the recipe? Thanks .

    1. Hi Rachel! You will love that scrub! Simply click on the picture of the scrub or click on the link just above the picture and it will take you to my full tutorial and recipe:)

  2. These look amazing. I might try the bubbles for my wedding! Is there any concerns about staining your clothes?

  3. Just stumbled upon this site and OMG – how cute!!! I’m going to try everything! Thanks for posting!~

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