Kinetic Sand Valentine

Kinetic Sand Valentine

I’m sure you’ve heard of kinetic sand by now, right? How about squishy sand? Kids go bonkers over this stuff! It’s kind of like play dough combined with sand. It’s calming to play with and it never dries out (moms love that). So, if you’re looking for a creative non-candy Valentine idea that is guaranteed to be a hit, then you must make these Kinetic Sand Valentine cups! I even have a free printable for you:)

Kinetic Sand Valentine. This is guaranteed to be a hit!

To make these simple non-candy Valentine’s Day gifts, you will need:

Small, clear, plastic containers with lids (found at the dollar store or Walmart)

Kinetic Sand in various colors of choice

These FREE Kinetic Sand Valentine printables (Click the photo below)

Sandbox Valentine Printables by Smart School House

Simply print the labels and attach them to the lids with double-sided tape, fill the containers with a little bit of Kinetic Sand, pop the lid on, and you’re good to go!

Kinetic Sand Valentine with printable. A fun and easy non-candy Valentine idea for kids

Can you think of any kids who would enjoy receiving this in February? I can certainly think of a few! The COOLEST part about Kinetic Sand is that it doesn’t dry out. That means that fun can be had over and over again! The clean up is also very simple. Wipe it clean with a dry cloth or use a vacuum on the floor (if necessary).

I love how you think outside the sandbox. Happy Valentine’s Day!

I love how you think outside the sandbox. A non-candy Valentine's day idea using Kinetic Sand!

You might also enjoy this non-candy idea (click the picture below):

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  1. I’m definitely making these for my first grade class and my kids. Thank you for sharing your great idea!


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