Magic Noodles

Magic Noodles

Sparking old-school creativity!
Back in my day….. Ok- I won’t go there. But, think about when you were a child. What did you and your friends or siblings do when you were bored? Whatever it was, it looked a lot different than today, right? Don’t get me wrong, I think we live in an amazing time and I feel privileged to raise kids in a world where technology, information, and knowledge has advanced so incredibly. However, when I think back to when I was a child, our games and entertainment seemed a bit more simple. There’s something beautiful in simplicity, don’t you think?

This week is spring break and the kids and I are home all week just enjoying life. Today we celebrated some old-school play. Remember how fun it was to play with a cardboard box when you were a kid? We would make cars, boats, and spaceships out of an empty box. But, before you even got to playing with the box, you had the plastic bubble wrap to pop and styrofoam noodles to jump in first (good times!). Today we put away our tablets, our computers, and we calmly played with some magic noodles while we ate lunch. They’re colorful, soft, and easy to build with. You don’t need anything other than a damp paper towel to build anything your imagination wants!

Magic Foam Noodles

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  1. Hi Mrs. Dixon, it’s Milana its so cool to see your YouTube videos and website!! I always drive past the library where you used to tutor me!! You were the best teacher ever!


    1. YOU are the most adorable student ever, Milana! I miss you so much:) I hope you are doing so well and enjoying life as a teenager. XOXOXO!

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