Mason Witches

Mason Witches

I’m so excited to teach you about these Mason Witches with you today! They are SO easy and SO fun. Don’t you love a good mason jar craft? I sure do!

Mason Witches
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49 thoughts on “Mason Witches

  1. These are so easy- which (witch-tee hee) is right up my alley- simple crafts are about my speed.
    Stopping by from DIY dreamer blog hop and saw your link…we’d love for you to stop by our blog link up: Photo Friday- you’re welcome to add any photos from your blog! Hope to see you there.

  2. I love these! I was trying to figure out how you made them green and I thought you painted them, but the way you did it is so much better/easier! Thanks for linking up!

  3. These are great…one mason jar and different color cellophane and it can be seasonal (orange for Halloween “pumpkins”, red for Christmas or Valentines Day…etc)

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