Penny Challenge

Penny Challenge

Happy New Year! Looking for something fun to do with your kids? Consider starting a penny challenge! Even if it’s not January 1st, you can still start. Begin any day of the year, collect pennies, and after 365 days you will have saved almost $700! I made a cute little label that you can print and put on your penny saving container:)

PENNY CHALLENGE - Begin any day of the year, collect pennies, and after 365 days you will have saved almost $700! Start today!

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  1. I see this every year, but this year I am actually going to do it!

  2. Great idea. Kids will learn an important lesson and enjoy doing this.

  3. I have my kids doing them as well… they are each doing one at home and at their grandparents house! Hey… I’m even doing one with the spare change at work!

  4. Doing this for my grandchildren. End of each year will deposit into their bank account then give them there bank book when they either go to college or get married.

  5. Jasmin Hewitt says:

    will do this for my 2 girls and myself as well but it will work out to be different at the end as I live in Australia and I will be doing it for my self with $1 and $2 and for the girls it will be any money we have at the time in the house under $1

  6. Joyse Interiano says:

    2016 have 366 days, so it will be 671.61