Pine Sol Fly Spray

Pine Sol Fly Spray

Do you have pesky flies all over lately? It’s that time of year and the flies can be more annoying than ever. Today I’m going to teach you how to make Pine Sol Fly Spray to help keep those flies away! Chances are, you probably already have everything you will need for the Pine Sol Fly Spray recipe. 

Let’s get started!

Pine Sol Fly Spray - 2 ingredient recipe that gets rid of flies and keeps them from coming back! Great for camping too. I love the way it smells:)

It’s fun to use common household cleaners in uncommon ways. Did you know that flies can’t stand Pine-Sol? 

It is IMPORTANT to note that, just like any other cleaners, chemicals, and pest sprays, you should not use this Pine Sol spray around children, pets, on skin, or food. Treat this like you would any other chemical in your home. 

That being said, this spray works particularly well outside and on outdoor furniture. It can be used inside as well. Here’s a tip: bring it with you on a camping trip! Flies are impossible to avoid when you’re camping, so be sure to mix some of this up and toss it into your camping gear before you go.

I personally LOVE the smell of original scent Pine Sol. It smells so fresh and clean to me. Luckily, flies don’t like the smell (mosquitoes don’t either), which makes this a great DIY solution for getting rid of those bugs.

To Make Pine-Sol Fly Spray, You Will Need the Following supplies:

  • Original scent Pine-Sol (the yellow kind)
  • Water
  • Spray bottle

Click the picture below to print off the free spray bottle label I’ve made for you:) Attach the label using double sided tape on the backside of the paper or clear shipping tae over it. The clear shipping tape is best because it will prevent the label from getting wet.

Pine-Sol bug spray

Figure out how much liquid your spray bottle will hold. Then, create a 50/50 mixture by combining 1 part original scent Pine Sole with 1 water.


Pine Sol Fly Spray - 2 ingredient recipe that gets rid of flies and keeps them from coming back! Great for camping too. I love the way it smells:)

Use it to wipe down counters, outdoor tables, furniture, tables, etc. The flies will stop coming around! You’ll also want to wipe down any excess left behind and. Repeat the use of the spray as needed. 

Check out THIS TIP for another great way of using Pine Sol (any scent!)

Pine Sol cleaning tip for a great smelling bathroom

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