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Edible Pumpkin Play Dough

 It’s no secret that we love a good homemade play dough around here! Play dough keeps my kids busy for hours on end. With Halloween upon us, I thought it would be fun to make something to celebrate the season! Introducing: Pumpkin Play Dough!
And in true Smart School House style, it’s completely edible, of course.

How to make Pumpkin Play Dough. A DIY play dough recipe.

It’s edible, it’s soft, and you can create adorable little pumpkins with it! It is perfect for the hands of young kids. Whether they are in preschool or elementary school, I can guarantee that kids will enjoy this festive play dough treat. I can’t wait to show you this easy DIY play dough recipe:

Edible Pumpkin Play Dough. A homemade play dough recipe


  • 1 cup of pre-made frosting (vanilla or white)
  • 2 3/4 cups of powdered sugar
  • Orange food coloring
  • Small craft stick for the stem
  • Various pumpkin accessories like green cupcake liners or whatever you have in your home.
  • Various play dough toys or utensils from your kitchen.


  1. Add the powdered sugar to the frosting in slow increments using the mixing paddle attachment on your mixer, continually scraping the sides of the bowl. If you don’t have this type of mixer, just mix in a large bowl.
  2. Before you add all of the powdered sugar, touch the play dough and, if it feels at all sticky, add the rest of the powered sugar in.
  3. Add in the orange food coloring until you reach your desired shade of orange.
  4. Considering that it is kind of hard to measure exactly one cup of frosting, you might have to eyeball the last quarter cup of powdered sugar that is necessary for this play dough.
  5. It WILL take a lot more powdered sugar that it looks like though (just continue to test the “stickyness” and say no to sticky play dough).
  6. Roll it into one big ball and make sure it is not crumbly or sticky. If, by chance, you added a little too much powdered sugar, don’t worry! We aren’t perfect! Simply sprinkle a little olive oil onto the play dough and BOOM! Problem solved!

I think this would be a FABULOUS handmade gift for Halloween or fall birthday parties. You can store it in an airtight container (or plastic baggies). Since it is completely edible, you will need to refrigerate it when the kids are done playing with it. When they’re ready to play with it again, simply take it out of the refrigerator, let it reach room temperature, sprinkle on some olive oil if it seems dry, and you are good to go!

To make cleanup even easier, I like to tape down large pieces of wax paper for the kids to create on. When they’re done, simply rip the wax paper off the table and put it in the trash. A little soapy water will clean up any residue or play dough mess. I love how simple this play dough is!

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