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The holiday decorating season is approaching quickly and, here at Smart School House, we are so excited! Today I’ve gathered some beautiful DIY rustic holiday decor ideas. Think: wood pallets, reclaimed wood, and farmhouse style holiday decor. It’s our favorite! If you’re feeling crafty and want to make some gifts or decor that will really stand out, browse these rustic holiday decor ideas.

Rustic Holiday Decor - easy, inexpensive, and beautiful DIY rustic holiday decor ideas: wood pallets, reclaimed wood, and farmhouse style holiday decor.

Rustic Holiday Decor Ideas

1. 4 X 4 wood blocks tied with burlap

Easiest DIY rustic holiday decor ever!

wood blocks tied with burlap - Easiest DIY rustic holiday decor ever!

2. Santa planter

CUTE and CHEAP! Use a large metal can that tomatoes come in.

Santa planter! CUTE and CHEAP!

3. Wood Snowman

Slices of wood made to look like a snowman. Add a scarf with scrap fabric and use acrylic paint to make the eyes, nose, smile, and buttons.

Wood Slice Snowman

4. Bowling pin snowman

I love the embellishments of wood, greenery, and ribbon. So perfect!

Bowling pin snowmen!

5. A blustery snowman scene painted on an old window

Paint the glass with snowmen, snowflakes, and write “Let it Snow” at the bottom. Just gorgeous! Source unknown.

A blustery snowman scene made out of an old window!

6. Snowman Globe

It’s literally a “snow globe”! ADORABLE! She painted an old globe as a snowman.

It's literally a "snow globe"! ADORABLE!

7. DIY wood pallet snowman scene

Use Christmas lights or string twinkle lights to light up the sky. I love how it is hanging…. It looks like a real window! I can think of a few kids who would love this glowing winter wood pallet window. Source unknown.

Glowing winter wood pallet window

8. Snowman made with tires

Old tires don’t have to go to the landfill when they’re no longer useful for transportation. You can color them in white and turn them into a snowman for your outdoor holiday decor! Source unknown.

Tire snowman

9. Wooden Santa

Use pieces of timber wood, add a red ornament for the nose, and place a Santa hat on top! Source unknown.

Wooden Santa made from landscape timber!

10. Wooden snowman

Use timber to make this snowman! Add bells, sticks, a scarf, and of course, a black hat. Adorable! Source unknown.

Wooden snowman made from landscape timber!

11. Wooden Rudolph

Use timber to make reindeer. The antlers are made with golden pipe cleaners and bows. Source unknown.

Wooden Rudolph made from landscape timber!

12. Snowman muffin tin

Hang this as a plaque for winter. How creative and cute!

Snowman muffin tin plaque for winter

13. Wood block Christmas decorations

How cute are these??!!! Wood block snowman, wood block Christmas tree, and wood block Santa. The Santa, snowman, and tree are made out of 4×4 wood post. Too Cute!

How cute are these??!!! The Santa, snowman, and tree are made out of 4x4 wood post.

14. Snowman painted pot or pan lid

Smiley Faces made from pan or pot lids. I had to do a double-take on this one! What a cute way to upcycle an unused pot lid.

Snowman made out of pot and pan lids

I love this tie on this snowman! (by Lori Wallace)

Gingerbread pans!

Painted by Eileen

15. DIY rustic candy canes

Use plastic yarn candy canes or wooden canes for this rustic holiday decor idea. Wrap in burlap and ribbon and add bells, pine cones, and greenery as embellishments.

DIY rustic candy canes

16. DIY Barn wood snowman

I absolutely love the adorable burlap scarf and hat bow. Source unknown.

DIY Barn wood snowman.

17. Snowman Shutters

If you don’t have old shutters you can use for these adorable snowmen, I think you can probably pick them up at a thrift store or even a garage sale for pretty cheap. The source of this photo is unknown but you can purchase some here.

Snowman Shutters

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