School Labels for Kids

School Labels for Kids

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Are your kids going to summer school or summer camp this year? My kids have several summer activities planned, so, you know what that means for us moms?
We’re going to be busy super busy.

Even though the rush of the school year might be ending, the non-stop summer fun is just about to begin. Let’s talk about summer organization tips for kids. Our little ones are famous for losing their belongings (think: sweatshirts, lunch boxes, toys, shoes, etc.). Since we can’t keep track of every single item our kids need day in and day out, we might as well make smart decisions about what we choose to take with us. Whether they are going to summer camp or summer school, labels for kids are the best way to ensure that our kids’ belongings will make it home with them each evening.

I was browsing Pinterest, as usual, and found theeee cutest personalized labels for kids! I kept pinning the items over and over before deciding on exactly what I knew we would need for the summer months (and, quite honestly, stuff that will last into the fall for next school year). Simply pick your favorite Stuck on You items, personalize them, and off you go on your busy summer schedule!

A great solution for busy families. Pick, personalized, & play! These are Pinteret's CUTEST labels for kids

For Stella & Mitch, I picked lunch boxes and drink bottles.
The lunch boxes are:
Water repellant (smart)
Insulated for keeping items cool or frozen (a must in summer)
Cute as can be (fabulous!)

The water bottles are:
BPA free (important)
Stainless Steel (super durable)
Spill proof <—need I say more, moms?

The cutest way to personalize those essential items for your kids

I let Stella pick out her Stuck on You lunch box and water bottle and, of course, she picked out the popsicle design (such a Stella move). I kid you not, it is so stinking cute and this Pinterest lovin’ mom adores that!

If anybody knows Mitch, then they know he loves blue. Blue shirts, blue shorts, blue shoes, blue e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. So, naturally he picked out a blue lunch box and CLEARLY he loves his choice! You bet I emailed this picture to Grandma! She loves buying Mitch blue gifts, but even more than that, she loves seeing him happy:)

Custom labels for kids!

Mitch is working on spelling and recognizing his name. So this blue personalized lunch box is borderline genius for exercising those skills! I picked out a simple design, even though you can get super cool designs too, and I’m excited to see him become better and better at spelling his name. Is that nerdy of me? Probably. But, I’m a teacher so I know how important that skill is for kids entering kindergarten! My goal is to have him as ready as possible so we are starting now. He’s learning his name and I’m staying organized. Win/win.

The cutest way to keep lunches (and kids) organized!

Plus, I’m not sure if you knew this, but we live in an area surrounded by agriculture. Right now there are acres of strawberries, beans, and other beautiful crops growing outside of our front door. Therefore, tractors are always passing by our driveway. This tractor water bottle was Mitch’s first choice (#perfect).

So, if you’re a busy mom or grandma, Stuck on You items are essential for keeping your family organized this summer! Plus, their products are so durable that your kids will enjoy them when the new school year starts in the fall. How smart is that?
Click HERE to see all of the Stuck on You products.
But, I’m warning you, it’s hard to not buy everything.
My cart is still full.
True story.

Keeping kids organized

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  1. Kelly – these are super! I totally need this! My kids stuff at school and camp is ALWAYS getting mixed up or lost!! Thanks for the great info!! Checking it out now!

  2. We always get a kick out of seeing Stuck on You products being used out and about. Such great pictures!

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