Screen Time Coupons



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Screen Time Coupons

Written and Photographed by Tori of Lil’ Mrs. Tori

Now that summer is in full swing over at my house I’ve been trying to sit B down for some one on one learning time. We go over the basics of writing his letters, learning numbers, and reading comprehension trying to get him prepared for kindergarten. He likes to give me a run for my money most days. He is great with his teachers but with me, well, it’s been a struggle. B loves to play games, it is probably one of his favorite activities. So I came up with some screen times coupons as a reward for completing his work.

Screen Time Coupons

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1 Comment

  1. OMGSH! You are just Brilliant!! You are now my favorite person! I have consistently the same trouble with my youngster daily! Accept mine has troubles listening to the Teachers too. She also has cognitive & speech issues, which actually makes the work on letters & numbers here’s even that much more important! GRRR! But, here you are saving me, thank you thank you! HINT: I will have these hanging up handy, I will be ‘telling’ her these “came from her Teachers” and so maybe it will work! I wish you luck & will update you as we use them. Thanks A Million!