Sponge Roller Pigs



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Sponge Roller Pigs

Ok, now this craft is just funny! Have you ever been shopping with your kids at the dollar store and end up buying the most random things? Yup, it pretty much happens to us regularly. However, the little creation that came out of our last trip to the dollar store brought a lot of fun to our house! I have young children (3 and 4) and these sponge roller pigs turned out to be perfect for their little hands! Here’s the best part, all of the supplies are found at the dollar store, which means these little sponge roller piggies only cost a few cents to make (round of applause for frugal craftiness!).

How to make Sponge Roller Pigs that cost just a few cents from the dollar store!

I kind of think these sponge roller pigs have quite the personality don’t you? I think the googley eyes really bring these guys to life! Don’t you? If you have young kids (or if you teach young kids) that enjoy playing with little figurines, then this is the perfect craft for them.

How to make Sponge Roller Piggies. An adorable craft for young children!

There are a couple different ways you could go about making these, and I believe it depends on the temperament of your individual child and the time you have available. You could assemble them quickly with hot glue, or you can let your kids assemble them with regular craft glue (which is a great activity if you have time). Here are the supplies you’ll need from the dollar store:

  • pink sponge rollers
  • pink pipe cleaners
  • plastic googley eyes

Sponge Roller Piggies4

You will want to cut the pipe cleaners into equal pieces for the pig’s 4 legs. Cut another piece and curl it for the pig tail. Scissors will easily cut through the small wire of pipe cleaners.

Then, letting the kids use craft clue or you using hot glue to save time, attach the 4 legs, the eyes, and the tail.

The paper noses are something I made and you can download here. Simply click on the image below, drag it to your desktop, double click the file on your desktop, then hit ‘file’ and ‘print’. Some resizing may be needed.

Sponge Roller Pig nose printable

There you have it! A quick, easy, and cheap craft that is perfect for little kids!

How to make Sponge Roller Pigs with supplies from the dollar store. Excellent for young children to create.

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  1. Ok, seriously. These little pigs just stole my heart. LOL Cutest things ever. Dollar store finds are the best!

  2. Hi,

    I couldn’t ask on the post, but a few months ago you posted a tutorial for mason jars filled with Hershey Kisses. About how many kisses did it take to fill 8 oz jars. I want to fill up 12 jars how many 11 ox bags would I need. Thanks!

    1. Hi there! I believe 1 regular size bag of kisses filled about 3 of those sized jars. Hope that helps!