Marshmallow Paint

Marshmallow Paint

Do you ever end up making something and thinking to yourself, “Self, this is really COOL!”? Well, that happened to me just the other day. This marshmallow paint started out of desperation and ended up being an amazingly fun, colorful, educational, and EDIBLE paint that we will use over and over for years to come. Can you believe that this paint is actually made from real marshmallows? You probably already have the ingredients necessary. Add some water and your kids will be in awe!

Marshmallow Paint. Made with real marshmallows! Completely edible.


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  1. you have got to be the most creative person EVER!! what a fun idea

  2. Great idea! Wouldn’t it be fun to paint cookies?

  3. What a fun idea, Kelly! I’ve mixed flour and water and coloring or used cornstarch and made paint, but never thought to use marshmallows. My daughter would love this!

  4. Awesome!! I am pinning this to use. What a great and fun idea!!

  5. Love this! Do you think marshmallow cream would work? I have some in my cabinet in would love to get rid of!

    • I don’t know! But, it’s worth a try! Be sure to come back and tell us how it goes because I’m sure others have the same question:)

  6. Heather says:

    I can use this for a VBS project! Thank for the creative idea 🙂

  7. cbozkurt12 says:

    I have been wanting to do a project where instead of water balloons I wanted to do paint balloons and take pictures. I was worried about using paint and now I see this I am curious if this could be a sager alternative.

  8. Just tried this with my 3 year old helping and it worked great; didn’t have corn syrup so we subbed in maple, and we had coloured mnis and just added additional colour to make it brighter. Very fun idea….might even be possible to duplicate at camp over a campfire with Girl Guides (would just have to store it away because who needs coons raiding camp to eat paint…could you imagine?!)

  9. Lynn Sedlacek says:

    My daughter wants to use this recipe to frost cookings, great idea she had


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