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The weather is so warm and beautiful this week! Our backyard pool is finished and we can’t wait to enjoy the new outdoor space this summer. Yesterday I made this beautiful coastal-themed centerpiece made with Stacked Fish Bowls and Seashells. Little starfish are pressed into the sand at the bottom of the fish bowls and a candle, as well as fairy lights, make the gorgeous under-the-sea-themed glow in the evening! Just look at how pretty this DIY decoration is! You are going to love how easy it is to make.

Stacked Fish Bowl with Seashells, Sand, and Starfish. Perfect for a coastal centerpiece, under the sea party, or beach decor!

Stacked Fish Bowls with Seashells

You could use this as a centerpiece for a party, or as decor in your home. I love how beautiful it looks in the early evening outside by our new pool. We live near the beach in Orange County California, but I know that beach-themed decor is a favorite everywhere because it’s so gorgeous. These stacked fish bowls are both tropical and elegant. It makes me want to jump on a plane and go to Hawaii!

Stacked Fish Bowls with Seashells

Where do you get the supplies to make a fish bowl centerpiece? This is the second fish bowl craft I’ve made, and I always find everything at my local craft store (Michaels). They will have filler sand, seashells, starfish, candles, and fairy lights. If you don’t find the fish bowls at Michaels, consider a pet supply store or Hobby Lobby. Amazon has them as well: Here is the large 10″ bowl and here is the smaller 8″ bowl from Amazon.

Stacked Fish Bowls with Seashells

The Dollar Store has smaller fish bowls, which will create an adorable smaller-scale centerpiece. So fun! Be creative with the bowls you find. Be sure that the top bowl stacks on the larger bowl, and also make sure that the decor you want in the lower bowl will fit with the smaller bowl placed on top. I got the large conch shell here at Michales.

Stacked Fish Bowl with Seashells, Sand, and Starfish. Perfect for a coastal centerpiece, under the sea party, or beach decor!

We have our super popular Fish Bowl Snowman for the winter too. That craft has a 3rd bowl and a cute snowman hat. It’s just the cutest thing! I love DIY home decor projects that are easy, beautiful, and affordable, don’t you?

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How to Make a Coastal Centerpiece with Fish Bowls

Stacked Fish Bowl Centerpiece

Stacked Fish Bowl with Seashells, Sand, and Starfish. Perfect for a coastal centerpiece, under the sea party, or beach decor!


  • 2 Fish Bowls, one large and one small, that stack. Can be found at craft stores, pet supply stores, the Dollar Store, or here on Amazon: here is the large 10″ bowl, and here is the smaller 8″ bowl
  • Sand Filler
  • One large conch shell – I got this one at Michaels
  • Various sized starfish and seashells. Found at a craft store
  • Battery operated fairy lights like this
  • Batter operated candle
  • Optional: Extra seashells and coordinating plate charger to make a complete fish bowl centerpiece


  • As seen in the DIY video within this post, start by placing the larger fish bowl on top of a plate charger
  • Pour the desired amount of sand filler at the bottom
  • Add one large conch shell and various seashells and starfish around the bowl
  • Add the fairy lights and hide the battery pack below the sand and/or behind the larger shell
  • Stack the smaller bowl on top and add more sand to the bottom of the bowl
  • Place a candle slightly off-center in the top fish bowl
  • Add more starfish and seashells inside
  • Sprinkle various shells around the centerpiece on the plate charger

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