Sugar Scrub Recipe: Candy Cane Baby



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I have been waiting, and waiting, and waiting to share my newest sugar scrub recipe with you! Candy Cane Baby is my sixth sugar scrub recipe and the FOURTH sibling in the Sugar Baby family! First there was the original Sugar Baby recipe, then came Sleepy Baby, after that was Birthday Baby, and since the holidays are here I finally get to share Candy Cane Baby with you!

Sugar Scrub Recipe: Candy Cane Baby

Candy Cane Baby is an easy #DIY sugar scrub that smells just like candy canes! Made with 3 simple and inexpensive ingredients! #handmadegift #sugarscrub

The Sugar Baby line of sugar scrubs all contain one special ingredient: BABY OIL!

Baby oil is inexpensive, easy to find, and gentle. It makes a perfect ingredient for handmade sugar scrub gifts!

What makes Candy Cane Baby even more special is the ingredient that makes it smell like candy canes. See, I love easy and affordable supplies. That’s why I became giddy when I spotted the Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Liquid Soap at Target (yes, Target!). They even had small sizes in the travel section for less than $2. Score!

Candy cane sugar scrub!! OMG this smells SO GOOD!
Candy cane sugar scrub!! OMG this smells SO GOOD!

The fun thing about a sugar scrub recipe is that you can make it as smooth or as fluffy as you like. I enjoy a fluffier sugar scrub, so I use less of the liquid ingredients in the sugar. The Candy Cane Baby recipe has only 3 simple ingredients:

Plain white sugar

Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Peppermint Soap

Baby oil

To make the sugar scrub, see this post  but replace the baby wash with the peppermint soap (its’ so easy!)

As you can see, I embellished Candy Cane Baby by tieing a mini candy cane on the front of the glass jar with red baker’s twine. The crushed candy cane on top is not to be used for exfoliating (although, wouldn’t it be fun to bathe in candy?). So, if you end up making this sugar scrub as a gift and embellish the top with crushed candy cane pieces like I did, be sure to tell your friends to remove the candy cane sprinkles before they use it:)

Do you know anybody that would love this handmade gift? They will be in peppermint shower heaven!

Candy Cane Baby Sugar Scrub

While you’re at it, be sure to check out the other Sugar Baby scrubs I’ve made:

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And THEE original Sugar Baby

Sugar Baby Sugar Scrub

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  1. What are the exact measurements for the candy cane? Because mine came out runny. I used 2 cups of sugar and the whole travel size bottles of the baby oil and the peppermint soap by Dr Bronners

  2. I just made three cute lil’ candy cane baby sugar scrub filled mason jars as gifts for my friends. I too embellished the jars by hanging a mini candy cane from the red sparkly wire ribbon I tied around each jar. They are gorgeous and smell so minty fresh. I should have made one for me!! Thank you, thank you for the wonderful gift idea!

    Merry Christmas.

  3. Hi! Thanks for your recipes! they are amazing!
    I’d like to make a present for my mum, and this gift seems to be good.)
    So, I’m from Russia, I don’t think I can find this peppermint soap. How can I replace it? Any ideas?
    Thank you a lot!

  4. Love this gift idea! Thanks for the recipe! How would you recommend storing the scrub? Airtight sealed container? Room temp? And how long do you think it would last? (Just want to add a couple little “instructions” with the gifts.

    1. Hi! I would say that it is best to use fresh since I’m not positive how long it will last. Definitely keep it in a sealed container and there is no need to refrigerate it (room temp is just fine:). I hope everyone likes it! Please let me know if you need any help. XO

  5. Hi! Just wondering in what section/department of Target would I find the liquid peppermint soap? I’m hoping my Target is carrying it.

    1. Hi! The little bottle you see in this post was actually found in the travel section at Target (by the toiletries and stuff). But, if your Target doesn’t carry it, don’t worry! It’s not a super hard soap to find! Trader Joe’s or any neat grocery store should carry it:) Have fun! You will LOVE it!