Sunflower Bandana Wreath



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This sunflower bandana wreath is so adorable and perfect for summer. Best of all, bandana wreaths are so easy to assemble. I made a quick video tutorial for how to create your very own adorable sunflower bandana wreath. I will show you tips on how to keep it from drooping and I’ve also included a video tutorial for a no-fail wreath creation. Summer is officially here! If you have been following Smart School House for awhile, then you know I love making quick and easy decorations for various holidays and seasons.

Sunflower Bandana Wreath - A DIY wreath made out of bandanas! Perfect for summer and fall. #BandanaWreath #SunflowerBandanaWreath

Sunflower Bandana Wreath

Where can you find bandanas for this wreath? Check your local craft store! I got these at Hobby Lobby and I’m pretty sure they have them at Walmart too. Or, you can order them online for a great price. Find the yellow ones HERE and the green ones HERE. You will also need a wreath frame like THIS.

How to make a bandana wreath

In all, you will need about 11 bandanas. You will begin by cutting each bandana in half. They are square so this part is very easy. Once they are cut in half, you will then fold them (as seen in the video below).

DIY  Sunflower Bandana Wreath Video:

The yellow bandanas are secured to the wreath frame in knots. Make a loop around the wire wreath and then pull the ends through the loop you just made.

How to make a bandana wreath

I made the sunflower’s stem by cutting green bandanas in half and tying them together

How to make a sunflower bandana wreath

Once the wreath frame is filled with bandanas, “fluff” the sunflower petals so the wreath has a fuller appearance. Now you’re reading to hang it! A sunflower bandana wreath is very light, so it can be hung easily using a wreath hanger or garden hook. I put ours outside on a hook:)

Sunflower Bandana Wreath DIY

Depending on the weather and amount of time the sunflower wreath is hanging, the fluffed up sunflower petals might begin to droop. To prevent this from happening, fabric stiffening spray (LIKE THIS) works great!

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How to Make a Sunflower Bandana Wreath

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Sunflower Bandana Wreath 5

You Will Need

  • Approximately 9 yellow bandanas
  • Approximately 2 green bandanas
  • 12 inch wire wreath frame

Other supplies needed:

  • Scissors
  • Wreath hanger or Shepard’s hook
  • Optional: Fabric stiffening spray

Shop the Supplies Below:


  1. Cut each bandana in 1/2
  2. Fold the bandanas lengthwise (as seen in the video above)
  3. Make a loop around the wire wreath in the middle of the fabric and then pull the ends through the loop you just made
  4. Repeat until the wreath frame is full
  5. Tie a couple of green bandanas together to create the sunflower’s stem
  6. Fluff the bandana petals (pulling apart the folds) to make the wreath fuller
  7. *Optional: use fabric stiffening spray to prevent the bandanas from drooping
  8. Hang on a wreath hanger or Shepard’s hook

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