Waffle Cone Garden



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Waffle Cone Garden

Earlier this spring our family planted a new garden. We had a garden in the past but we’re in a new home this year and we were so excited to get a new one going! It took the kids and me a day of visiting various nurseries deciding on what we really wanted to grow. We have a tall, white, raised garden bed that is so pretty! We ended up planting French lavender, artichoke, lettuce, and strawberries (as you can see here).

For us, a family garden is something we work on together. We plant it together, we take turns watering it, and each of us checks up on it at different times of the day when we’re outside. We watch it change, we talk about what we see, and eventually, we get to use the beautiful things we grow. A garden needs nurturing and, with enough care and love, can make you feel proud and happy! Working on our garden together makes us feel grateful for the amazing food and flowers it produces.

Since our garden is coming along nicely, we decided to plant another garden today. A much smaller garden though. So sweet, so simple…. and we got to eat from our garden right away!

Waffle Cone Garden Recipe

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