Brownie Buckets



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Brownie Buckets- A Brownie Craft Idea

Brownie Buckets are brownie crumbles planted inside small galvanized buckets topped with silk flowers. A pretty way to entertain with sweets.
Brownie Buckets are #brownie crumbles planted inside small galvanized buckets topped with silk flowers. A pretty way to entertain with sweets! #dessert #diy
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Kelly Dixon

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  1. I finally made this! I used small ceramic pots and put tiny brownie crumbles in with some chocolate sauce. Just before serving I topped each with some whipped cream, more sauce and a few candied violets. Everyone loved them!

  2. Sooo adorable, my mother love violets and pansies and she would appreciate anything make lol

  3. Oh this is so cute. I would have never thought of this. My mom would really love these. This is a great idea for mothers day or even a small little get together at the home. I love it! 🙂

  4. These are such a cute idea. Knowing my I would want to line the pot with wax paper or parchment. SHame they don’t make those fancy scalloped cupcake liners big enough for pots!

  5. We take treats to the nursing home weekly and are always looking for cute new ideas…this is perfect for a spring treat! Thanks for the creative idea!

  6. What a great idea, Kelly! You are a genius! Now I want brownies…

  7. Shared this with my girlfriend. She loves it and is going to do it this weekend

  8. So inspiring – I love the other ideas in the Comments, too. You could even use a simple mug, slip a few gummy worms between the brownie hunks and hunks of ice cream and drizzle with fuge sauce, all topped with candy flowers. Yummmm!

  9. That’s really awesome. I think what I would do too is to take an clean out a bucket (even a new one) and then put ice cream in it and stick a couple of garden tools (the kind you can use to scoop, like a spade) and give both buckets to someone as a small gift. They could use the browine crumbles as a topping for the icecream.

  10. Super cute! I love that look. Reminds me of making ‘dirt’ pudding with oreos mixed in ice cream – put in a new, clean clay flower pot and top with crushed oreo ‘dirt’. Lay some gummy worms on top of ‘dirt’ and add some flowers. Fun for a kids party!

  11. Wow, that is really creative. I would never have thought of brownies as dirt in a floral display. The trick would be to prevent my kids from eating ‘the dirt’

  12. Absolutely Pinned!!!!

    So cute I don’t know if would have the courage to eat it…….. Who am I kidding hahahaha It wouldn’t last too much hahahaha I love Brownies!!

    Thank you for sharing