Brownie Buckets



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Brownie Buckets- A Brownie Craft Idea

Brownie Buckets are brownie crumbles planted inside small galvanized buckets topped with silk flowers. A pretty way to entertain with sweets.
Brownie Buckets are #brownie crumbles planted inside small galvanized buckets topped with silk flowers. A pretty way to entertain with sweets! #dessert #diy
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  1. I finally made this! I used small ceramic pots and put tiny brownie crumbles in with some chocolate sauce. Just before serving I topped each with some whipped cream, more sauce and a few candied violets. Everyone loved them!

  2. Sooo adorable, my mother love violets and pansies and she would appreciate anything make lol

  3. Oh this is so cute. I would have never thought of this. My mom would really love these. This is a great idea for mothers day or even a small little get together at the home. I love it! 🙂

  4. These are such a cute idea. Knowing my I would want to line the pot with wax paper or parchment. SHame they don’t make those fancy scalloped cupcake liners big enough for pots!