Fun Dip Filled Cupcakes

Fun Dip Filled Cupcakes

Are your kids ready to freak out? Mine did! We made Fun Dip Filled Cupcakes the other day and, I just have to say, I’m pretty popular around this house now! Who knew Fun Dip Cupcakes were such an easy DIY project? This sweet treat is like no other….

Fun Dip Cupcakes! An easy cupcake recipe.

There really is no big secret to this easy cupcake recipe. I whipped up some classic white cake mix and baked some cupcakes
(shhh: don’t tell anybody that it was a box from Pillsbury!).
Then, I carved out a little whole in the middle. They sell cupcake carving tools for a whopping $3 or so at craft stores like Michaels.
After that, I poured in a pack of Fun Dip! Each cupcake has one 3/4 of a pack of Fun Dip inside (so COOL!).
Finish the cupcake by putting the candy stick propped in the frosting and, well, the kids will figure out how to eat it!
According to my research, the frosting is always the most popular part of the cupcake so it is usually gone in about 2 minutes.
Once they reach the candy filled inside, they will have plenty of candy stick left to devour it!

How to make a Fun Dip Filled Cupcake

Want to know how I got that frosting to be red-ish like the Fun Dip? Well, I used what was left of the Fun Dip candy powder (which, if you do the math is about 1/4 of the package) and I poured it into the white frosting. Fold it together a little bit and BOOM:
Fun Dip frosting!

If you are making more than one cupcake, you will need more than that to frost all of your cupcakes, but you get the idea:) You can’t go wrong! Fun Dip comes in several different colors and flavors making the possibilities even more fun! You could eve create the cupcakes to match your party’s color theme.

Congratulations! You are officially going to be the best mom ever!

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