Fun Dip Filled Cupcakes



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Fun Dip Filled Cupcakes

Are your kids ready to freak out? Mine did! We made Fun Dip Filled Cupcakes the other day and, I just have to say, I’m pretty popular around this house now! Who knew Fun Dip Cupcakes were such an easy DIY project? This sweet treat is like no other….

Fun Dip Cupcakes! An easy cupcake recipe.

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Kelly Dixon

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  1. This is the most creative cupcake for Valentines I have seen yet. Love this.

    And my kids love Fun Dip so even more reason to make these!

    Totally pinning and sharing on Facebook.

  2. Wondering if your kids slept at all that night?? lol šŸ™‚ I give my little guy a juice box or a few M&Ms and he’s bouncing off the walls!