Girl Scout Cookie Recipes



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Girl Scout Cookies Recipes

Girl Scout Cookie Recipes! What to do with all of those extra boxes of Girl Scout Cookies....

I love Girl Scout Cookies. I can’t resist buying them! From students, kids around the neighborhood, the Girl Scouts at the grocery store, you can even buy them online (check it out HERE! associate link). They only come around once a year, so I always feel the need to stock up while I can. If you’ve ever had an abundance of Girl Scout Cookies in your house, just know that there is SO much you can do with them. Sure, eating them by themselves is heavenly, but if you have too many boxes and you’re feeling a bit creative, then you must try out some of these Girl Scout Cookie recipes! You can make Girl Scout fudge, milkshakes, cupcakes, and so much more. My mouth is watering! To see different dessert ideas, click the next and back buttons below. Then, click each picture to see the full recipe.

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