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Who doesn’t LOVE a rice krispy treat? I sort of get giddy just thinking about them! Today I’m sharing a simple way that I turned typical rice krispy treats into poppers using…..wait for it……..a plastic ice cube tray! Dang it I adore finding ways to make eating fun treats even more fun! Turning rice krispy treats into poppers makes them quick and easy to eat. They are the perfect size for an after lunch or after dinner “pop” of sugar. But, I took these rice krispy treat poppers one step further and it was SO worth it…..

Rice Krispy Treat Poppers made with an ice cube tray!

Adding sprinkles to the rice krispy treat poppers not only made them a million times cuter, they are SO YUMMY!
In order to make these, you will need to create the rice krispy treat mixture using the basic recipe (6 cups of Rice Krispy ceral, 1 package of marshmallows, and 3 tbsp. butter). Melt the butter, add the marshmallows and allow them to melt with the butter, then pour in the dry cereal. As you can see, my three year old, Stella, was able to help me measure out my ingredinets! Making rice krispy treats is so much fun to do with kids!

Rice Krispy Treats: Ice Tray PoppersNext, use non-stick cooking spray  inside of a plastic ice cube tray. I like to spray a little on a spoon and the tips of my fingers so that the sticky mixture is easier to work with. Place the warm rice krispy treat mixture into the ice cube tray and let them cool. Then, melt 1 cube of almond bark (melting chocolate found in the baking isle).
Rice Krispy Treat Poppers made in an ice cube tray!Simply dip the base of the rice krispy treat popper into the melted almond bark and let your kids douse the poppers in sprinkles! Once the almond bark is cooled, the sprinkles will be stuck to the rice krispy poppers. I like to use wax paper for the drying process.

Rice Krispy Treat Poppers made in an ice cube tray!Aren’t these fun and pretty? Plus, they are SO YUMMY! Did I already mention that?   🙂  I may never be able to eat a traditional rice krispy treat again. Something about dipping them in almond bark has made my life complete!
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  1. OH I am soooo doing this with my son!! SPRINKLES! Even my husband is a sucker for those round sprinkles!
    I love the idea of putting them in ice cube trays!

  2. This is totally brilliant! I love the bite size (such a great use of an ice cube tray). And sprinkles just jazz everything up. I haven’t had a rice krispy treat in ages and this is making me want to whip up a batch and go wild with sprinkles!

  3. I love these. How many did it make? I feel like that recipe would make more than one cube tray of squares.

  4. These are too cute! I love rice krispies, but never thought of topping them with bark melt and sprinkles. How fun and yummy!

  5. I’ve been buying shaped ice cube trays for something cute I saw on pinterest, but can’t remember what it was. Plus, they were 50 cents, so hard to say no to. Now, I’m going to have fun star shaped dipped rice crispy treats 🙂 Already pinned, so I won’t forget why I have all these ice cube trays.

  6. Snap Crackle– POP these babies right into my mouth please! : open and waiting : — Thanks!