Snickers & Caramel Salted Popcorn

Are you a popcorn {LOVER}?
Be sure to see visit this recipe:

26 thoughts on “Snickers & Caramel Salted Popcorn

  1. This looks sooo yummy. I have a serious love of snickers, which has been bad news with all the halloween candy in the house. lol!
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  2. Not only does the popcorn look delish, your presentation is fantastic. You do such well put together posts. Thanks for sharing on Super Sweet Saturday. Have you ever tried to keep this in an air tight bag?

  3. Looks great 😀 I am afraid that I can’t get my hands on Caramel Sheets, but maybe I can find some other way 😉
    Take care 😀

  4. This is one of those recipes where I look at the screen, go into a droolicious trance for a few minutes, come back to earth and rub the screen for a few more minutes. Sadly, I’ve never seen or even heard of those caramel sheets. The UK sucks for things like this. But then that’s inspired me to do something… hehe.

    I’m featuring you tonight on Sugar & Slice Sunday. Thanks for linking up. I hope you’ll submit more this week.

    Sweet 2 Eat Baking

  5. i did not know you could buy caramel in sheets. well, i’ll be darned. i need to find some and make me some of this. i suppose you could use all sorts of different candy bars…oh my.

  6. I’m about to try this right now, except I’ll be using caramel ice cream topping and see how it turns out. Thank you so much!

  7. Sweet, salty, addicting! Oh boy! and I adore the pretty cups – so much better than a big mixing bowl! This recipe deserves a special container – I luv!!! and so easy!!!!

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