Strawberry Santas

Strawberry Santas

Christmas is quickly approaching and we’ve been spending a lot of time prepping food, decorations, and crafts for the holiday! Today we made Strawberry Santas with just 3 ingredeints. Well, more like 3 items:) You only need 3 very easy to find “ingredients” to assemble these Strawberry Santas. No cooking, baking, or strenuous activity involved! They taste delicious because they have a creamy vanilla center. Vanilla and strawberries? Yes please! You’re going to love learning how to make Strawberry Santas for Christmas:

3-ingredient Strawberry Santas for Christmas! ADORABLE Christmas treat idea recipe that is delicious, so easy to make, and great for a Christmas party.


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  1. Jackie Mantel says:

    Would whipped cream work in place of the vanilla frosting if eating right a way?

  2. They are so cute and will go down a treat with my 3 nieces. Thought I might do a mascapone filling??

  3. Lynette Lee says:

    These look awesome and I’m going to make them for Christmas dinner tomorrow. Does anyone know if I can prepare in advance and chill in fridge? Will the pipped frosting hold it’s shape?