Thanksgiving Turkey Hacks

Genius Thanksgiving Turkey Hacks

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Happy November! Are you looking for an interesting or exciting way to cook a turkey? Or, is this your first time ever cooking a turkey? Oh perfect! These 6 Genius Thanksgiving Turkey Hacks are perfect for you! We all know that cooking  turkey is something that needs to be planned out way in advance. You need to have the turkey thawed, you need all of the ingredients, you need a deep fryer (if you choose to go that route) and you need to have your game plan in order. People are relying on you! But, when all else fails, I even found a way to cook a frozen turkey. I’ve never done it before, but, apparently there’s a hack for that! From crock pots to barbeques, these Thanksgiving Turkey Hacks are AWESOME. Happy Thanksgiving (remember that you can use these recipes for Christmas too!). To see each recipe, click on the description below the pictures and you’ll be taken to the full recipe. 

 Thanksgiving Turkey Hacks


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